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I have been a client of John’s since he first started out in his business. I had known him for a while and I knew I could trust him with my finances. I believe his honesty and integrity are without question and I have trusted him and his group at 2:24 Wealth Group to handle my financial planning. I particularly like the fact that I can integrate my values into my investments. I highly recommend John and 2:24 Wealth Group if you’re ready to invest in your future.

– Paine G., Client

When we first heard about John McDonald and his financial help/services, our first thought was – we don’t need a financial planner as we don’t have that much money that needs to be handled! But we went and talked with John and boy, were we glad! My husband was about 4 years away from being able to retire but also nervous and concerned about doing so and then not having enough money to live on – have fun with – give away, etc… After talking with John and him hearing our heart about how we wanted to serve God in all areas of our lives – especially in retirement, he was able to get to work. John and his team came back to us with an amazing way that we could have a very nice lifestyle in retirement, still travel and do the fun things we wanted to be able to do and more importantly, be able to give away financial resources to those in need and doing God’s work around the world.

We have not regretted going with John for one minute! In fact, we tell everyone we know to talk with him – no matter how much money they think they have or don’t have. It doesn’t matter – John’s heart is to help folks steward the resources entrusted to them by God and to live well but also give back to God what is God’s in the first place!!

The other thing we appreciate about John is that he’s able to talk at a very high and financially precise level to my husband but also able to explain on a more understandable level to me. We joke that if anything happens to my husband, I am going to camp out on John’s doorstep!!!

In closing, when we first started working with John, we were worried about if we could retire – now we talk about how much more money we can give away each year. We are so thankful for John!!!

– Mike and Suzanne C., Clients

There is a sense of peace in times of financial uncertainties knowing our life savings are being handled by the professionals at 2:24 Wealth Group. I have friends who manage their own finances but they always seem frazzled by the ups and downs of the markets. I watch the markets but let the professionals determine the right allocations for proper growth and stability. Thank you John for all your financial help for so many years and being such a great friend!

– Marshall P., Client

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