Getting Established

Getting Married

Financial challenges are a threat to any marriage. Communication and strategy alignment are a critical first step in building a new life together. While it can be challenging for newlyweds to prioritize communication about the distant future, having conversations now can prevent much more difficult conversations in the future.

What are you and your new spouse’s shared financial goals and aspirations? Do you want to purchase a home? Establish a family? What kind of debt are the two of you bringing into the marriage? Do you have adequate life and health insurance? Savings for retirement? Asking these questions builds a solid foundation for your marriage.

Having A Baby

Every aspect of you life changes when you bring a new baby into your home. Just as you prepare your physical space by creating a nursery for your little one, you should also get your financial house in order. By being proactive, you can avoid unnecessary complications as you adapt to one of life’s biggest changes.

We will help you reassess your budget, insurance arrangements, and tax implications. Whether you want to start a conversation about planning for college or discuss more immediate concerns, we can help you navigate this wonderful and challenging experience in a way that establishes a legacy of stewardship and wise financial decisions.

Buying A Home

One of the most important investments you will make is buying a home. Whether it’s your first house, an expansion, a downsize, or an investment or rental property, we keep your ultimate financial goals in mind throughout the process. A full investigation of your current financial situation is the first step. Before you research financing or mortgage options, it’s crucial to take stock of your current expenses so that you aren’t spending more than you can afford. Staying within the limits of your financial situation will help you feel in control of your new home’s impact on your ultimate financial goals. Apart from the simple expense of buying a home, we cover all the other considerations throughout the process: homeowners’ insurance, new tax situations, and updated estate planning. We check off all the boxes, making it easy for you to build your new life in your new home.


Living well means giving back. No matter the resources available to you, no matter your circumstance, you can include giving in your financial plans. Identify the charitable causes that most resonate with your personal values and include them in your budget and estate planning. Wealth is more than just money. It’s your values. We understand this and will protect your deeply held beliefs throughout your investment strategies and your financial planning.